Christmas Project 2021

Happy new year!! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas! 2021, like 2020, was a very tricky year and we weren't able to get out and fundraise as much as we would have liked. However, thanks to all your generous donations over on our GoFundMe, we were able to partner with two fabulous causes to donate brand new PJs to children in time for Christmas.

The first organisation we partnered with were Sports Alive North West charity, a charity based in Liverpool who provide free sports sessions to disadvantaged children and young people. We donated 21 PJs to Sports Alive for children 5-12, who then put them in Christmas boxes alongside a selection box and new book.

Young boy holding a pair of pyjamas

Above are just some of the lovely pictures and messages that Sports Alive received and have given us permission to share.

We also worked with an NHS clinic in Suffolk which provide palliative and respite care to children and young people. We worked with them earlier in 2021 and were happy to partner again over the Christmas season. They had identified 13 children aged 1-16 who would appreciate some brand new comfy pyjamas, so we sent them over in time for Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who made these donations possible - it is, as always, greatly appreciated. Please continue to donate and spread the word about The Pyjama Fund so we can continue working with these charities in 2022. If you would like to domnate, you can visit our GoFundMe here:

Thank you in advance!!


Founder of The Pyjama Fund

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