We met some of the children we have helped!

A few weeks ago, we went to Merryfield's, a short-term children's home for children with special needs, in High Wycombe to give some of the children there new pyjamas. If you read our previous blog post, you will know we've actually had the pleasure of working with Merryfield's before, as in July 2017 we gave pyjamas and onesies the some of the other children there.

In all the other bundles we've sent off, we've never actually been fortunate enough to meet the children we are helping, however this time Merryfield's asked if we wanted to come in and meet a few of the children and take photos with them, so of course we said yes! Below, are some of the photos we took. It was a very touching visit, and extremely rewarding to actually meet the children who are receiving the donations we work so hard to buy.

(Lexie, co-founder of The Pyjama Fund pictured left and Ines, the other co-founder, is pictured on the right)

Overall, it was a very heart-warming experience and we hope we get the chance to meet more children receiving our donations in the future.

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