The Pyjama Fund is a Buckinghamshire based non-profit organisation which provides onesies, pyjamas, cuddly toys, blankets and other comforters for vulnerable children. We know that having something that you can wrap up into that makes you feel warm and safe inside can be so important to children who have hard lives.


Way back, in March 2015, we (Lexie, aged 10 at the time and Ines, aged 8 and their friend, Francesca) came downstairs snuggled up in our onesies. It was a cold morning, but just by being all cosy in our onesies, we felt warm inside. This was where the idea of The Pyjama Fund first came from. We know that when you're feeling down, having something of your own that you can snuggle up into can make a huge difference and that it can really help you feel secure and happy. We thought about the children in the world who weren't fortunate enough to have a cuddly toy or a onesie. 

One year later, we thought more deeply about this and wanted to find a solution and The Pyjama Fund was officially born.

The Pyjama Fund raises money to buy the pyjamas, onesies, blankets and soft toys which they then distribute on to their partners. If you would like to know more about the charities we work with please visit the Projects page.


Lexie is a 16 year old girl with a passion for blogging, reading and writing. Her favourite soft toy is her bunny, with the inventive name Bubby! She has had Bubby since birth. They love snuggling up together, and he helps Lexie when she is feeling sad. Lexie would describe herself in 5 words as creative, quirky, bubbly, sociable and opinionated. 

Ines is a 14 year old who loves karate, reading and writing. Her favourite soft toy is a small pink bear called a Pink Thing. Like Lexie, she has had Pink Thing since she was born and she has helped Ines overcome some of her fears, including Ines' fear of dark. Ines would describe herself as funny, creative, bubbly, dramatic and crazy in 5 words.

We can both be found chilling in our onesies as often as possible as seen below!